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Spring has Sprung

14 Apr

Surprise Flowers

We didn't even know these were flowering plants

So I know I promised another entry and some more pictures last week, but since I had food poisoning one night and was rear-ended two days later, last week was pretty much a wash.

I was able to get back out in the yard again today which was so nice! I worked on getting the side flowerbed into shape. Now that the lilies are starting to get bigger I wanted to get all the crab grass cleared out of that bed. The small bed on the side of the garage is in full bloom – who knew that those plants were gonna be so beautiful in the spring? Maybe I’ll just plant a bunch more of those this year 🙂

Front Flowerbed

Temporarily Weed-Free

Here is a picture of the beautiful blooming front bed. The tulips and daffodils are in full bloom and the Japanese maple is bright red again. I had thought that I had planted 2 kinds of tulips, but until this week I wasn’t sure. Now there are two kinds of daffodils and two kinds of tulips 🙂

I have been doing some reading about vegetable gardening as my little sprouts aren’t so little any more. I look forward to getting everything planted out in the planters on the deck, but I don’t want to lose any plants to frost so I think I’m gonna give it another few weeks. In the mean-time Jimmy and I have transplanted them into bigger peat pots and I have started to thin the plants back (as I planted at least 3 seeds per peat disk). I can almost taste the tomatoes and squash already 🙂


A new post, wherein seeds are sown

31 Mar

So spring might be here, but with the weather of the last few days, who really knows… We’ve had hail, thunder, lightning and of course, rain. My daffodils started making their appearance about a week ago just after I finished weeding the front flower bed (I think they were embarrased to bloom in such a mess…). Jimmy and I added some more creeping plants to the front bed last weekend (pictures to come).

Coming Soon...Vegetables!

Coming Soon...Vegetables!

My energy as of late has been sprouting my own seeds for our vegetable garden! I feel like such a little kid, just fascinated by watching them emerge from the earth and get a little taller every day (they are only about a week and a half old and some are already over 2 inches tall!). I’ve planted two kinds of peppers and two kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of summer squash, 2 kinds of winter squash, cucumbers and basil. I’ve been doing some reading and research and have already purchased the planters that they will be put in once they are big enough to be transplanted outside.

Sprouts a-sproutin'

Sprouts a-sproutin'

Anyhow, I’m working graveyard shifts this week, so I’m tired and starting to feel like I’m coming down with a cold (probably due to the lack of decent sleep I’ve had in the past 3 nights…) I promise more pictures next week when I am coherent during daylight hours.