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Veggies and Vegging

9 May Week One

Inspired by our friends Don and Cindy, we recently signed up with a Community Supported Agriculture service called Terra Organics. Every two weeks, they’ll deliver a box full of locally-grown, organic fruits and vegetables to our front door. Whatever’s in season, that’s what we’ll be getting, so it’s forcing us to expand our culinary horizons. One week it could be mustard greens and bok choy, the next it’s celery and whatever the heck sunchoke is.

Week One

Week One

Easter Egg Radish

Brought to you by PAAS

Just in the first week’s delivery, we got some apples, a bag of mixed greens, asparagus, rhubarb, mushrooms, beets, and a bunch of aptly named “Easter Egg radishes”. There were also supposed to be some pears, but they disappeared somewhere between the farm and our porch, so we’ll be getting something extra in our next shipment to make up for it.
Rhubarb = Awesome

Rhubarb = Awesome

So far it’s been really interesting. Not everything’s been a success (Guess what? Beets are gross!) but we’ve been pleasantly surprised too. Neither Kat nor I had ever had strawberry rhubarb pie before, but WOW! I know, “Wow, who’d have guessed Jimmy liked pie?”, but the rhubarb adds an awesome tang to the sweetness of the strawberries. More rhubarb’s coming next week too, so we’ll be trying something else with it.

Crappy Old TV


This house has a lot of things going for it, but the layout of the living room isn’t one of them. It’s a pretty awkward shape. When we moved in last summer, we found out that the giant TV I’d inherited from Jason wasn’t going to fit in the room. So we’ve been making do with the old 27″ mono set I used to have in the den at the old house. Okay, *I’ve* been making do — Kat couldn’t care less (I’m not sure her eyes are actually capable of seeing HD). I was just going to have to suffer through it til I could afford a better TV.
Beautiful New TV!


I can afford a better TV! 37 inches of HD awesomeness. I’ve got big plans for this guy too. I’m in the middle of ripping all of our DVDs (165 movies, 100+ TV shows) to my hard drive. By next month I should be finished setting up a Media Center PC in our living room. We’ll be able to watch anything we own without leaving the couch, all courtesy of a computer that uses less power than a light bulb. More to come on that front! 🙂