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Spring has Sprung

14 Apr

Surprise Flowers

We didn't even know these were flowering plants

So I know I promised another entry and some more pictures last week, but since I had food poisoning one night and was rear-ended two days later, last week was pretty much a wash.

I was able to get back out in the yard again today which was so nice! I worked on getting the side flowerbed into shape. Now that the lilies are starting to get bigger I wanted to get all the crab grass cleared out of that bed. The small bed on the side of the garage is in full bloom – who knew that those plants were gonna be so beautiful in the spring? Maybe I’ll just plant a bunch more of those this year 🙂

Front Flowerbed

Temporarily Weed-Free

Here is a picture of the beautiful blooming front bed. The tulips and daffodils are in full bloom and the Japanese maple is bright red again. I had thought that I had planted 2 kinds of tulips, but until this week I wasn’t sure. Now there are two kinds of daffodils and two kinds of tulips 🙂

I have been doing some reading about vegetable gardening as my little sprouts aren’t so little any more. I look forward to getting everything planted out in the planters on the deck, but I don’t want to lose any plants to frost so I think I’m gonna give it another few weeks. In the mean-time Jimmy and I have transplanted them into bigger peat pots and I have started to thin the plants back (as I planted at least 3 seeds per peat disk). I can almost taste the tomatoes and squash already 🙂