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Catching Up

3 Feb

So I know it is far past due since we posted on the blog, so here goes…

Christmas Tree

I never thought it was such a bad little tree. Maybe it just needs a little love.

Christmas happened, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at our pictures. My parents and sister came up for Christmas at our place this year, but somehow we managed to forget to take a single photo! The only proof of the holiday season is this lone picture of our Christmas tree on the day we were throwing it out. The whole holiday was sort of a blur anyway because…

I was hired a month ago at St. Joseph Medical Center here in Tacoma! And even-though I’m only a per-diem employee (which means I just fill in for others and don’t have any set hours) I am so excited to be working again. I have been happy to take hours from anyone who will give them to me, which sometimes means I have crazy weeks where I work various shifts and my body has a hard time keeping up with what time it is…

New Scrubs!

New Scrubs!

Judy has been sweet enough to send me some new scrubs to wear to work, which is so nice as they can be expensive. So far I have refused to buy any new scrubs, especially when I find some pretty cute stuff at Goodwill. Once I’m getting more consistent hours I’ll probably splurge a little, but until then I have accumulated quite a bit, so I’m happy.

So apparently the bulbs I planted think that it’s spring, which seems kind of early to me. My mom said that it might be normal for our region. We had a pretty mild winter so perhaps spring is just coming a little early.

Still couponing like a crazy person – it’s nice to have a hobby that I like and that saves us money 🙂 I have also discovered Futoshiki which is similar to Sudoku which is a logic puzzle, but uses symbols and math. Anyone who has done Sudoku and likes it should try this new puzzle.

Bad Day on the High Seas

Bad Day on the High Seas

We have a new center piece for the livingroom too! Jimmy bought me a print of Brandon Bird’s “Bad Day on the High Seas” which is a painting of a whale, a giant squid, and a T-Rex all fighting each other (yes, Jimmy and I have strange ideas of what constitutes “art”). Anyhow, I had a great coupon for Jo-Anne’s fabric for framing so I got it framed for pretty cheap. For Christmas my parents got us a set of wooden carved whales (an adult and two babies). So those have been placed on the mantle to join the painting. Now Jimmy and I have started to look for wooden carved pieces of a T-Rex and a squid to someday join the whales 🙂
Bad Day on the High Seas

I think it really classes up the joint